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May 312014

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Hello. My name is John Borter, Head Instructor, and I’d like to personally welcome you to the Modern Self-Defense Academy!

The MSDA is not your “typical” Martial Arts school. We do things just a little different. First, our martial arts training focuses on self-defense applications, not rank, trophies, or competition. We don’t use the traditional system of uniforms, belts, or ranks. Instead, we promote a curriculum that is driven by each student’s own aptitude and attitude. We specialize in working with people who want the skills and personal development offered through martial arts and self-defense training, but who otherwise might not be interested in a traditional martial arts school or the current trend of Mixed Martial Arts.

We offer the highest level of authentic Martial Arts in the area.  Classes are small, semi-private, and more personal. Students enjoy the fun, friendly atmosphere of the classes as much as they do the training, and really enjoy the camaraderie that comes with training at the Academy. Training in the Martial Arts offers extraordinary self-defense, fitness, and health benefits regardless of size, age or physical condition; benefits that will last a lifetime!

Come in for a FREE, no obligation lesson! If you are looking for a different kind of martial arts school, then the Modern Self-Defense Academy is for you. Come in and see why we are different from the rest.

Thanks for checking out the Modern Self-Defense Academy! If you have ANY questions about our school, our programs, the martial arts, or self-defense, please feel free to call or email me personally, at any time. I’ll be glad to help. Come join the MSDA family! You will be glad you did. See you soon! closing

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Feb 132009

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ABC Women’s Self-Defense Supports Domestic Violence Awareness Event

NEW LEBANON, NY – New Lebanon resident Darcy Poppey is an advocate for domestic violence awareness, so when she met Pittsfield, Mass. woman Tawnya Underhill, a victim of severe domestic violence, at a benefit this past August, she was “deeply saddened and shocked” by her story.
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ABC Women’s Self-Defense Gets Local News Coverage

ALBANY, NY – Albany police are still on the lookout for whoever assaulted two women over the weekend, within an hour of each other early Sunday morning . The first assault was near the intersection of Hamilton and Quail streets, when police say a man put his hand up a woman’s skirt, then took off.
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ABC Women’s Self-Defense offered in Columbia County

NEW LEBANON, NY – I had never taken a self-defense class in my life. I’m 32: I’ve been to college, I’ve worked late nights in Hudson, I’ve spent many nights closing down bars (past life). And it’s not that I think I’m invincible or I would never be attacked, it just never occurred to me to take this class or that I needed to take one.
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